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Hello, yes the salesman are aggressive.
This is probably die to they get paid very little.
I had time to figure things through.

When you go there as a non-member or a member's guest, the service is mediocre.
Especially those that book through tripadvisor and cheapcaribbean.
Those peopl are the complainers on the forums.
They are not that smart due to the fact that they do not realize if you pay $35/night to include airfare,food, and accommodation that they are going to get the royal treatment.   Seriously, the lowest meal plan is $50/night/person for a member.  Do those that book for pennies believe they are entitled to the same as a member or better.  I let you and others answer that question.
Anyways, I went there first as a timeshare owner.  I noticed the difference in service level.
So I inquired about membership to members at the resort.  I was impressed.
I contacted a sales rep and 4 hours later me and thefamily became members.
We got our gold vip bracelets and quickly requests came from office for them to reassign us to a better room, dinner reservations, tickets for Ocean World.
Seven visits later, I became a shareholder.
To this day, me and the family and the many family and friends that traveled with us there enjoyed themselves.  They wanted to become members.  But I told them to book though me, more economical on them.

Certain dinrks are 'ok' in one bar, but on others, they are better.

For instance, the mojito is 'ok' thoughtout the resort, but if you go to the Presidential Suites and ask for Ricardo, he makes the killer mojitos.  He grows his own mint leaves and brings them to work.  He is the young waiter with a friendly smile.  He is a great guy.

I have been to all restaurants, except Johnny's and the Indian restaurant.  The food is great but there been times when the food slacked off in certain restaurants.  It's a hit or miss on the day of travela nd dining.  The same goes here in the states.  Many visits at a favorite restaurant the food is excellent, then one day you go there and the food is 'blah!'.

The reps I liked in my past is Liza H., I won't state any others because then I can be narrowed down to my true identity.

any questions feel free to reach out to me.