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— by jrameses jrameses
Congrats on being a member.
That happened to me back in 2008 when I first became a member.
I asked if I could add someone later in time and they said 'yes'.
When I got home and looked into my contract I noticed there was no addendum to add someone to it.
I called, and at that time they said it's not possible unless I pay $3000 to include my mom.
I learned my lesson there.
I spoke to a friend and he said you must make your demands before signing and they have to include in the contract before you sign.
So the next time I went there to upgrade to 'Supreme', i placed my mom's name and sister in my contract at no additional cost.
After we negotiated on price that's when i said not unless I get to add my mom and sister.  After spending about 3-4 hours in total with the salesman, he approved.  Got a new contract with their names on it, then I signed.
Now my mom and sister can go there on their own and enjoy themselves.
If your kids are still young, you need not worry.  In time you most likely will upgrade and when you do, negotiate on price and then tell them only if u can include their names.  But first lock on the price, then state you want their names on the contract as well.  After them spending time with you, they do not want to lose the sale.