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Hi - I doubt you made a bad decision but can't say for sure without knowing what membership you bought.  We have been members since 2005 and at these levels: gold, platinum, platinum supreme, and shareholder.  We have been all over the island and have visited most all sister resorts there (they have recently purchased several in the last year).

The very best advice i can give is this - reserve early, at least 6-months but better to try a year in advance!!  If you call them with 2-3 months advance, you are begging for unknown problems.  BTW, this advice is for the highest levels, so if you have lower, add more time.  

Also, even at our level, we never know what we'll get until we get there...  unless you call and email alot as time gets shorter.  (You would think they can make a reservation for a unit and keep it for you, but they can't even if they say so.  They are very good about getting you the right amount of rooms though.

As for sister resorts, reserve similarly using the home resort's reservations folks. If you go direct, you may get a reservation that doesn't include all your benefits.  Also, going through RCI is costly unless you find a special, then you may not get the best accommodations or benefits.

Hope this helps!