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I just recently purchased a membership, and see many of these comments on this board are older. How are everyone's memberships today? Any improvements in customer service, bookings ect... Have they been accomodating to you?

I will provide the pro's and con's of my stay:
Pro's: Excellent room in presidential suites after being upgraded, staff was extremely friendly and accomodating, except one lady who took restaurant reservations in Cofresi (Not rude, just not friendly- didn't have the customer service mentality or a smile)
Con's: Our first room in Cofresi had a ton of mosquitos but then they sprayed and even though the scent was overwhelming it was much better & no more bug bites. No hot water in that same room in Cofresi- it was cold, so I didnt shower- the second room was perfect in the Presidential Suites. Pools and Jacuzzi's slightly cold- I would say roughly 68 degrees. I know it can get hot there in summer so this can be refreshing, but maybe they should have 2 slightly warmer pools at 80-85 degress and one hot Jacuzzi for cooler months. The food was luke warm everywhere except at VIP World, and many of the blended drinks were slushy, not a true Pina Coloda. I know many people staying got sick, and a staff member told me 90% of the people staying there do, but this could be water related (because they brushed their teeth in the sink) instead of food related (food poisoning)- something that should be resolved asap before anyone brings small children or older adults. I will say the soup I had was good both times at the restaurants were good(calm chowder and corn chowder) and the desserts were also good.

Improvements I would like to see: A toll free phone number, immediate response to e-mails, not 5 days later, and a code of ethics being established. Every modern course being taught in schools on selling- they teach ethics! Integrity is key if you want to have a first class operation.

All this company needs to do is be honest, and accomodate all of it members equally. The membership details should be explained on their site- free and clear so each member of a different level can see what he or she gets and the price ranges for each.

"Be the change you want to see in the world."

Can anyone recommend a good rep they deal with? Mine lied to me straight to my face, and then denied that he lied... big no no, and their were witnesses present.