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— by lhvcparty lhvcparty
I am only a platinum plus member, and I want to send my mom down, but they tell me she will only get the blue band. I don't have a problem with my friends getting a blue band (although none of my friends would pay that kind of money for that level of service) But you would think at least your parents would be getting the same treatment as you? I asked my rep if this is the same for everybody, and she told me unless the friends or family members are traveling with you they all get blue bands. Having the blue band means the salesmen will hound you day and night, and you don't have access to serenity beach, Azul, Jazz or the new beach, that is supposed to be open some time this summer.  I am still very happy with the place whenever I go down there myself, but I think they are trying to stop everyone from be able to send people down on their membership, because the member base is getting to large to accommodate everyone, which is fine by me, I don't rent out my membership anyway. And it makes it easier for the members to have access to the resort which I believe is a good thing.