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Bad Reviews!!!
— by lovethetropics lovethetropics
I am always checking out the reviews on Tripadvisor although, I'm not a big fan of the site. I have been noticing many repeated negative reviews about the salespeople lately. If you put in the search box "lifestyle holiday vacation club" you can read them yourself. I think this is something we all need to be aware of. This is not good for the resort as no one is going to want to go therefore they will not get enought people to join and the resort can fail!! Our investments down the drain just like Sun Village. These salesmen are relentlise they don't give up and are extremely misleading and rude. I must say not all of them are this way but way too many are. My sister just got back and told me a story about what happened to her.

They approached her and her boyfriend who is an attorney at their villa. They explained that her sister was a member and they had no intentions buying into a membership when they can use mine. Of course, the salesperson couldn't give up and carried on with his sales pitch. A few minutes later the sales manager (Mike, I think) came for a visit, what a surprise, and sat down with them and gave his pitch. He told them that Lifestyle would do a credit check on them and then they would be good to go and sign a contract. He wouldn't give up on them even though they told him that her sister was a Supreme member. My sisters boyfriend told him that even if they were interested that they would have to do a credit check on Lifestyles company, wouldn't that be the educated way of doing things. This manager got up slammed his book on the table and said you can not do that in a angry voice and my sister boyfriend said to him, did you forget I'm an attorney of course you can. He stormed out of the villa even leaving his folder behind.

Now, what was that all about. I was so imbarrassed when my sister told me this. The salespeople need to take a crash course on how to sell. I have to admit with the reviews that it does look and sound like they are trying to scam people. That's not good for us investors because if it continues it will affect the sales productivity and they will not have the monies they need to finish the wonderful future of this  resort. I understand this is a poor country and these people need the money but the resort should put some money into their staff to teach them they proper way to sell and also be succesful. This type of sales is a turn off.

I think we should write to Lifestyle each of us and let them know what is being said  and being done to the guests. How does it look when a person who calls himself a sales manager conducts himself like that. If he did it to my sister than I am positive he has done it to others.

Tell me what you guys think should be done, how we should handle this and who we should right to.
Thanks for listening.