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— by whatatreat whatatreat
We have just returned today from lifestyles, and like a lot of other members did not get our villa (they did pay for our all-inclusive for 2 weeks though), but how can they run a business like this, there were hundreds of people who were staying for free, because they had overbooked the villas. The sales department is sooooo desperate, they will sell platinum supreme for around $60000. They are making promises that they just can not keep.  For example, they offered me to upgrade to platinum supreme for another $35000 ( I currently own a 3 bedroom unlimited gold villa) And I know they would have went lower. I would never have to pay all-inclusive when I was there, and of cause, all the other stuff we all know about. My point is, they are so hungry to get cash today, that they will do anything to sell. I would be very surprised if they (We) are still in business in a year from now. This just can't work, there are way too many members, and they can't keep expanding the member base without new accommodations. Which they say they are working on but are they? They are building 1 new villa (which has been under construction since last Feb 2008) Has anyone seen pictures from Samana??? And they have big plans for the middle part by VIP world, but the office building is going very slow, they say they don't want to disturb the members during the busy season?? Just a word of caution to everyone, DO NOT PUT MORE MONEY INTO THIS PLACE RIGHT NOW. Unless you are a huge risk taker, this is not the time for us to loose more than what we have already invested.