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— by LoveTheTropics LoveTheTropics

That blog wasn't mine it was a members I read on LHVC blog. I copied and pasted it because I thought it would be interesting for everyone to see it and be aware of the various complaints. We don't need to hear the positive because we all know what they are or else we would of never bought into the membership.
But its when you read too many negative reviews that are pretty much the same that I feel we all need to know about.
I consider myself pretty sharp and aware of what's going on around me and let me tell you what I think.
We are in for it...all of us....even the Supreme members. Once they come up with another level of membership the Supreme members will be joining the group of complaints.
I've spent several hours surfing the internet on LHVC and you would not believe all the negative reports lately. There operations is not a good one! This is a shame because this place has such potential and I think they are going to blow it.
It's funny, my husband and I always wanted to invest in something but was always unsure if we would make the right choice. Those salespeople painted a great picture to us that it just seemed to be a no brainer to invest into a membership. What a mistake!!!