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— by capehorn capehorn
They told me they were taking my timeshare in for trade also , I dont think they actually will but thats fine with me , I can rent it and if it becomes to much trouble , I will donate it to cherity and get a tax rite off.
They watch their board closely , but thats ok we have this one
If you have unlimited Jr suites you will do ok they are usually pretty open on those , If you want to go around the holidays book early , If you decide not to go just cancel prior to a week ahead of time , they take that money and place it in your account and use it for next trip.

If you upgrade to somthing larger than a Jr suite do they give it to you for your price or do they charge you more for it

I dont think any time share company ever stops selling , getting villas is the hardest thing to do other than Christmas and new years and a week or two in the summer most other accommodations are open

I alwayse recomend resurving somthing a few months in advance villas or holidays a year ahead is good jsut in case you decide to go