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 I too was told they were going to take my other timeshare off my hands( they gave me 11,000 dollars credit) but it turns out I have to get rid of it myself. I only bought 3 months ago and have started to become skeptical about my purchase as it seems everyone is told something different. Don't get me wrong, the place is a paradise, great service and accomodations etc., but what's with all these levels of membership. I have an unlimited jr suite, that's it. Will I actually be able to book a vacation in the future when all these new members are joining at higher levels than me. Also, your right about the LHVC website. I posted a negative comment a couple weeks ago that has since been removed. I try to login and it says the system is temporarily out of service(for 2 weks now). My post did'nt include any profanity or anything, and it's like I've been shut down . It's like these people know they should stop selling memberships because they won't be able to satisfy future vacation demands, but they just keep selling anyway.