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— by capehorn capehorn
are you guys unlimited  or how many weeks you get
Our membership is unlimited so I rent it out
I would say most people would be money ahead just renting , when I rent to some one they get everything including a golf cart. they do not get  helicopter ride or limo ride , the barbaque , and full bar in villa , but they can just have a drinks strait pour them in a empty water bottle and bring that to the villa and mix their drinks ,
I only make about 250 on rentals for a week up to 3 bedroom for the larger villas I make more , but they would have to go thousands of times for the price of a membership. If I would have met a owner like me before I went I would have rented through them for ever
I have herd it is comon practice for them not to follow through on a previously owned time share and not take it , with today economic conditions they are better off letting you keep it and rent it out yourself or give it to a cherity if you dont want to bother renting it , selling it is almost impossible now
All in All I am glad I bought , but I wish they would put things in writing and show exactly what each level has